Unit 1 I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud For this unit , we shall concentrate on the topic: The Splendor of the Lake Distrct, mainly talking about tourist attractions , the literary and cultural legacies of the Lakes in the following lectures: 1.Tourist Attraction; 2. The Lake District and William Wordsworth; 3. The British Pubs and Pub Culture; 4. Cultural and Literary Allusions

True or False Questions

1、National parks are cultural tourist attractions.

2、There are 8 millions people living in London

3、Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument erected in 2500 BC for religious ceremonies.

4、“I wandered lonely as a cloud” means the poet had no friends around and had to go hiking alone.

5、According to the tour guide, there is a monster in the Ness Loch in Scotland.

6、Tarn, Mere and Water were all meant Lake by the early settlers in the Lake District.

7、Beatrix Potter bought land and Hilltop house for her family.

8、William Wordsworth believes in simple living and high thinking.

9、The National Trust is an institute for maintaining the natural and cultural legacies in the UK.

10、Dales in the Lake District means valleys.

11、Pubs in Britain are under great threat because of poor financial conditions, ban of smoking in pubs and lowering of the tax alcoholic drinking.

12、If you have a bad time with your parents, you can go to a pub and talk about it with your friends.

13、The bar counter is possibly the only site in the British Isles in which friendly conversation with strangers is considered entirely appropriate and really quite normal behavior.

14、According to the video, Cat and Mutton claims to serve good honest food and a good pint of wine and friendly smile.

15、The chef of Morgan Arms asserted that he had never done any ordering because he just cooked the fresh vegetable whatever coming from the farm on time

16、Dorothy’s Grasmere journals are kept for her private use.

17、The legendary story of the Milky Way tells us that love is jealousy.

18、Some critics regard Dorothy as 'probably the most remarkable and the most distinguished of English prose writers who never wrote a line for the general public'!

19、Helen Beatrix Potter (1866 – 1943) was an English author, illustrator, natural scientist best known for her imaginative children’s books featuring animals and people around the farms.

20、Zeus decided to let the infant Heracles suckle on his divine wife Her’s milk when she was asleep, an act which would endow the baby with godlike qualities. This is because Heracles is half human and half divine.

Unit 2 Mr. Boggis's Secret For this unit, we'll focus on the topic: the Secret of Mr. Boggis' business, which'll mainly talk about less educated, and less informed people and their beliefs; and business tricks and strategies. It'll be illustrated by the following five aspects: 1. Lead in; 2. Background Information; 3. Text Explanation; 4. Text Structure and Summary; 5. Language Work.

True or False Questions

1、It was one of Mr. Boggis’s friends that helped him to invent a clever way of doing business.

2、Mr. Boggis was earnest to make money at that time.

3、Mr. Boggis took advantage of others’ religious belief to make money.

4、It was by accident that Mr. Boggis invented this way of doing business.

5、He was successful in doing business by cheating his customers.

6、The old lady in the country knew clearly about the real value of the armchairs.

7、His success in doing business was related to the fact that he was elected President of the Society for the Preservation of Rare Furniture.

8、At the very beginning, Mr. Boggis pretended to a nice old parson to offer help in the viliage and the country folks liked him a lot.

9、Sometimes people’s judgement could be influenced by the information on the business card.

10、Even Mr. Boggis himself did not expect that his scheme realy worked.

11、One day, Mr. Boggis drove to ________.

12、His car __________ near a farmhouse in the middle of the journey.

13、In order to fix the car, he asked for __________ from the woman of the building.

14、When he was waiting for her to fetch it, he was __________ by two chairs,

15、The chair in his eyes were worth at least __________.

16、So he made up his mind to buy them and _________ with the woman.

17、he end Mr. Boggis bought the chairs for something less than _________ of their value.

18、This lucky deal inspired Mr. Boggis. He _________ a good idea.

19、If he could dress himself up like __________,

20、He would go out for ___________ for making an inventory of antique feature for a local museum, he would be able to search every English farmhouse around London for what he wanted.


1、What do you think of Mr. Boggis's secret, the "clever" way of making money?

Unit 3 Time to Stop Excuses

Multiple choice

    A、on time
    B、on my way
    C、in time

2、refuse to work for a period of time as a protest for more money, better conditions, etc.
    A、calm down
    B、go on strike
    D、I think I'll

3、to apply oneself to serious matters; concentrate on work:
    A、get down to business
    B、freshen up
    C、in the nick of time
    D、hang out

4、not too late, but very close
    A、in the nick of time
    B、lose face
    C、get down to business
    D、I think I'll

5、to wash your hands and face, so that you feel clean and comfortable
    A、hang out
    B、freshen up
    D、I think I'll

6、manifestación → Appointment

7、confiable → on time

8、a meeting arranged in advance → Appointment

9、avoid losing the respect of other people → lose face

10、to wash your hands and face, so that you feel clean and comfortable → Freshen up

Unit 4 Hummingbird Winter

Animals' Living Habits随堂测验

1、Hummingbirds love bright-coloured flowers.

2、Hummingbirds are migratory.

3、Hummingbirds have a small memory.

4、Hummingbirds feed on nectar only.

5、Hummingbirds love sunny days.

6、Hummingbirds can hover in mid-air.

Blank filling

1、Although I loved the idea of a hummingbird spending the winter in my sun room, I hesitated to ____ his freedom.

2、An adult male bird measures only 2.24 inches ____ total length, half of which is taken by the bill and tail and weigh 0.056 oz.

3、Squeak certainly seemed content that first day, and he’d already ____.

4、Offering Squeak a balanced diet now became my main ____.

5、By mid-November, he hovered in front of my spray bottle, fanning his tail ____ getting his shower.

6、Once when I walked into his room wearing a floral-print dress, he tried to ____ how to get nectar form the “flowers.”

7、Still, it is hard to ____ something you’ve treasured — even when you know it’s the right thing to do.

8、At about 10:30, I finally got up the nerve to ____.


1、The thrill of seeing my first hummingbird in my garden had never left me — the sight of this unbelievable tiny creature with dazzling plumage flitting boldly from flower to flower.

2、It didn’t take long before Squeak became as inquisitive about me as I was about him.

3、He stretched his neck and pulled his head back as if looking at something in sheer disbelief. He kept flying away and returning, expecting the flowering maple to reappear.

4、Tears welled up in my eyes. For an instant, I was sorry for releasing him — yet I also knew it was for the best.

Unit 5 The Power of a Good Name

Test for the Unit

1、1. Though ____ of the danger, he still went skating on the thin ice.
    A、A. warning
    B、B. to warn
    C、C. warn
    D、D. warned

2、2. If ____ green, the door might look more beautiful.
    A、A. paint
    B、B. painted
    C、C. painting
    D、D. to paint

3、3. When first ____ to the market, these products enjoyed great success.
    A、 A. introducing
    B、B. introduced
    C、C. introduce
    D、D. being introduced

4、4. Sometimes new ideas have to be tested many times before ______ .
    A、A. accepting fully
    B、B. being fully accepted
    C、C. fully accepting
    D、D. fully being accepted

5、5. He has just arrived, but he talks as if he ___ all about that.
    A、A. know
    B、B. knows
    C、C. known
    D、D. Knew

6、6. He looked as if he ___ ill for a long time.
    A、A. was
    B、B. were
    C、C. has been
    D、D. had been

7、7. It seems as if it ___ rain.
    A、A. will
    B、B. is going to
    C、C. is to
    D、D. were going to

8、8. The boy acted ____ he had never lived in Canada before.
    A、A. as though
    B、B. even if
    C、C. as
    D、D. since

9、9. To our surprise, Gary was behaving ______nothing had happened.
    A、A. as though
    B、B. even if
    C、C. that if
    D、D. even though

10、10. The man opened his eyes and moved his lips as if __ that he had something to tell the doctor.
    A、A. saying
    B、B. having said
    C、C. to say
    D、D. to have said

Unit 6 Chinese Food

Quiz: health idioms

1、(a new lease of life) After winning her battle with cancer, Misha had a new lease of life. She was going to
    A、a. change the way she made a living
    B、b. worry about her changing life
    C、c. live her life to the full
    D、d. change her life

2、(a pain in the neck) Mark's being a pain in the neck this morning, so
    A、a. I'll try to avoid him
    B、b. I'll help him with his work
    C、c. I'll give him a massage
    D、d. I'll help him.

3、(fresh as a daisy) My grandma said, "I might be ninety years old, but I still feel as fresh as a daisy." She
    A、a. looks much older
    B、b. feels much younger
    C、c. sounds much wiser
    D、d. feels much older

4、(ill at ease) Marcus says that he always feels ill at ease when he's
    A、a. listening to the radio
    B、b. playing with his cats
    C、c. on a first date with a girl
    D、d. listening to music

5、(kick the habit) If a cigarette smoker says they want to kick the habit, it means they want to
    A、a. smoke better cigarettes
    B、b. stop smoking cigarettes
    C、c. spread the habit to others
    D、d. smoke more cigarettes

6、(on your last legs | on its last legs) My dog Molly is on her last legs. She
    A、a. won't live much longer
    B、b. is no longer on her first legs
    C、c. won't be able to use her legs much longer
    D、d. can't stand on his feet

Quiz: Chinese food culture

1、Which of these is an actual name for a Chinese dish?
    A、Disesteemed shrimp
    B、Frustrated cow
    C、Drunken chicken
    D、Unhappy pig

2、Which of these is a specialty rice dumpling that is particularly popular during the Dragon Boat Festival in the summer?
    A、Char Siu
    C、Har Gau
    D、Mapo Dofu

3、Which famous Chinese recipe would include pork tenderloin, several varieties of mushrooms, eggs, bamboo shoots, scallions, garlic and ginger all wrapped in a pancake?
    A、Char Siu
    B、Sweet and sour Pork
    C、Mu Shu Pork
    D、Hong Kong Pork

4、Which of these ingredients is absolutely necessary to make a good batch of the popular Chinese dish ‘Kung Pao Chicken’?
    B、Fish sauce
    C、Lotus root

5、Which of these is the term for a very popular southern Chinese cuisine style?
    A、Char Kway Teow
    B、Dim Sum
    C、Chow Mein
    D、Gow Gees

6、The Ma Po Tofu dish traditionally contains plenty of red hot spicy chili and other related ingredients

7、Which of these dishes is a delicious darkened egg having a wonderful flavor and aroma?
    A、Cha ye dan
    B、Hoisin Dip
    C、Clam Syee

8、What does the name ‘Dim Sum’ translate to literally in English?
    A、Sweet confections
    B、Small hearts
    C、Breakfast bits
    D、Tasty treats

9、Though the Chinese are known for their many wonderful recipes, their cuisine is virtually devoid of sweet dishes, pastries or other confections that we would consider dessert?

10、What is the specific term for the small, boiled dumplings that can be stuffed in many ways?

Reading comprehension: Chinese cooking

1、Chinese Cooking China is one of the largest countries in the world. Over the past hundred years, Chinese culture has spread throughout the globe. Today, in nearly every city around the world, you can find Chinese language classes, Chinese stores, and Chinese restaurants. What most people do not know is that in China, each region has a very different cuisine. "Cuisine" means a style of cooking. While there are some foods that you can find in all regions of China, some are very specific to certain areas because of the climate (weather) or the landscape. Rice, noodles, soybeans, and vegetables can be found in food around China. They are staple foods. A "staple" is something that is basic, standard or always there. Rice is a very important part of Chinese cuisine, especially in the southern part of China where the rice farms are. Noodles are also very important and can be found around China in soups or in dishes of their own. Sometimes they are served hot and sometimes they are served cold. Soybeans are also very important to Chinese cuisine. Chinese cuisine does not have any milk in it but soybeans, tofu, and soy milk can be used in dishes where milk would be used in other cultures. Vegetables are also found in food all over China. Many Chinese vegetables only grow in China and so people in other countries have never tasted them. Within China, there are eleven major different kinds of cuisine. There are only three or four of these that are easily found outside China. The most popular and easily found Chinese cuisine found in countries outside of China is called Cantonese cuisine. This cuisine comes from an area in the southeastern part of China that is called Guangdong Provence. This area is on the ocean and also has many rivers. The weather is usually wet and hot. This means that there are specific kinds of crops (plants people grow) that can grow in the area. However, being on the ocean and rivers means that food can come from other parts of China to the area. Both of these things influence the kinds of food that are found in Cantonese cuisine. People who eat Cantonese food will be able to find beef, chicken, pork, and seafood (fish) dishes. They will also find plenty of dishes made with rice and noodles as well as lots of vegetables. There are different kinds of cooking that are used in Cantonese cuisine, but one thing they all have in common is that they are quick (fast). Cantonese cuisine does not have very many dishes that take hours to cook. Usually, Cantonese food can be made in just a few minutes with fresh ingredients. When you are eating Chinese food, it is important to remember that the food you are eating represents (shows) just one region in China. Chinese cuisine, just like China itself, is very diverse (different) and has many different kinds of dishes, flavors, and ingredients. 1. What does "cuisine" mean?
    A、a) style of cooking
    B、b) kind of language
    C、c) kind of people
    D、d) style of stories

2、2. What does "staple" mean?
    A、a) something that is hard to find
    B、b) something that is always available
    C、c) something that is only available some of the time
    D、d) something that is never available

3、3. What does "seafood" mean?
    A、a) beef
    B、b) chicken
    C、c) pork
    D、d) fish and sea creatures

4、4. Each region in China ________ a very different cuisine.
    A、a) has
    B、b) had
    C、c) has had
    D、d) will have had

5、5. The most popular Chinese cuisine found outside ________ China is called Cantonese cuisine.
    A、a) in
    B、b) at
    C、c) on
    D、d) of

6、6. Both of these things influence ________ kinds of food that are found in Cantonese cuisine.
    A、a) a
    B、b) the
    C、c) an
    D、d) that

Unit 7 They will never be forgotten

Test for the unit

1、Among the following books, is not written by Iris Chang?
    A、Thread of the Silkworm
    B、The Chinese in America
    C、The Rape of Nanking
    D、The Good Man of Nanking

2、The Rape of Nanking was about the atrocities and massacre committed by .
    A、Japanese Invaders in World War II
    B、Americans in World War II
    D、Chinese Americans

3、During the Nanking Massacre, more than Chinese people were murdered by the Japanese invaders.

4、The Safety Zone in Nanking during the Second World War was founded by .
    A、Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party
    B、John Rabe, the local leader of Nazi party in China
    C、Chinese government
    D、Japanese invaders in the Second World War

5、In The Rape of Nanking, is referred to as “the second rape” by Iris Chang.
    A、Japanese invaders looted and stole the city in the Second World War.
    B、Japanese invaders burned and slaughtered the city in the Second World War.
    C、Americans and Europeans established the Safety Zone to protect the Chinese refugees in Nanjing in the Second World War.
    D、Japanese tried to erase the entire massacre from public consciousness.

6、Fill in the banks to complete the following paragraphs according to your own understanding. This book (The Rape of Nanking) describes related but discrete . One is the Rape of Nanking itself, the story of how the Japanese wiped out hundreds of thousands of civilians in its enemy’s capital. Another is the cover-up, the story of how the Japanese, emboldened by the silence of the Chinese and Americans, tried to the entire massacre from public consciousness, thereby its victims of their proper place in history. The Rape of Nanking is told from different perspectives. The first is the perspective. It is the story of a planned invasion—what the Japanese military was told to do, how to do it, and why. The second perspective is that of the , the victims; this is the story of the fate of a city when the government is no longer capable of protecting its citizens against outside invaders. This section includes individual stories from the Chinese themselves, stories of defeat, despair, betrayal, and survival. The third is the perspective. These outsiders were, for one moment at least in Chinese history, heroes. The handful of Westerners on the scene risked their lives to help Chinese civilians during the massacre and to warn the rest of the world about the atrocities being carried out before their very eyes.

Unit 8 The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen

Are the following statements stereotypes?

1、Women are only concerned about physical appearance.

2、Men who spend too much time on computer are geeks.

3、Women drivers are less capable than men.

4、All teenagers are rebels.

5、All children don't enjoy healthy food.

Do the following statements contain gendered expressions?

1、I had done business with the company’s chairman.

2、I worked part-time as a waitress and office cleaner.

3、More college freshmen are stressed about money, their grades and getting ahead.

4、Equal legal status for both sides decides the equal rights and mutual responsibility between man and wife.

5、This films tells the story of a salesman.

Unit 9 In a Manner of Speaking For this unit , we shall concentrate on the following thress topics: 1. Cross Cultural Communication; 2. Differences between British and American Languages 3.Cultural Differences between China and the America.

Test for Unit 9

1、Artificial insemination really came as a _________ idea at first. Many people feared that this technology would create moral and legal problems.

2、After years of living in the United States he eventually got himself acquainted with the ________ of taxation in that country.

3、We are bombarded by numerous advertisements these days. But few of us are aware that many advertisements are _________.

4、The painter's insight is represented in his __________ way of artistic creation.

5、In front of the photos of the Nanjing Massacre, the audience were __________by those worst acts of systematic bestiality in human history.

6、"Genetic Screening" can help to identify some parents' harmful genes which can be passed on to their ________.

7、Those who cannot resist the temptation of sales never realize the _________ that their purchased could be either fake products or things they will never use.

8、The jury was fully convinced of the innocence of the accused by his lawyer's ___________ speech in his defense.


1、Homework 1: Please try to summarize the cultural differences between the UK and the America, such as customs, holidays, education, characters, etc.

Unit 10 The Dream of an Hour For this unit, we shall manily discuss about femism and feminist writings,features of fiction which will be taught in the following five lectures: 1. Feminism and Feminist Writings; 2. Understanding Fiction & plot; 3. Understanding Characters; 4. Setting & Narrator; 5. Symbols, Theme and World View

True or False questions

1、According to E. M Forster a flatter character does not have many individualizing details, and therefore can be fairly adequately described in a single phrase or sentence.

2、An omniscient narrator works as God, knowing everything in a fiction, even the inner changes of the round characters.

3、A first-person narrator is reliable because what "I" said is the direct experiences.

4、A setting is concerned with time and place in which stories happen and characters act.

5、A fiction must convey the world view of the author even if he or she claims it has nothing to do with his/her life stories..

Unit 11 The Poets and the Housewife For this unit, we shall talk about fantasy, realites, imaginings, and perceptions; and impressions of people and their qppearance. It will be illustrated by the following five lectures: 1. Lead in; 2. Background Information; 3. Text Structure; 4. Language Points; 5. Grammar Work

Multiple-choice questions

1、Shares on the stock market have ____ as a result of a worldwide economic downturn.

2、I think you can take a(n) _____ language course to improve your English.

3、Whenever possible, Ian ____ how well he speaks Japansese.
    A、shows up
    B、shows around
    C、shows off
    D、shows out

4、At three thousand feet, wide plains begin to appear, and there is never a moment when some distant mountain is not ____.
    A、in sight
    B、on view
    C、at a glance
    D、on the scene

5、She would have been more agreeable if she had changed a little bit, ____?
    A、hadn't she
    B、hasn't she
    C、wouldn't she
    D、didn't she

6、He is quite worn out from years of hard work, He is not the man ____ he was twenty years ago.

7、Agriculture is the country's chief source of wealth, wheat ____ by far the biggest cereal crop.

8、Above the trees are the hills, ____ magnificence the river faithfully reflects on the surface.
    B、of whose

9、Jack ____ from home for two days now, and I am beginning to worry about his safety.
    A、has been missing
    B、has been missed
    C、had been missing
    D、was missed

10、The opening ceremony is a great occasion. It is essential ____ for that.
    A、our being prepared
    B、of us to be prepared
    C、that we are prepared
    D、for us to be prepared


1、Cite an example to illustrate the saying that Don't judge a person by his apperance.

Unit 12 Science and Art

Test for the Unit

1、1. If I ____ where he lived, I ____ a note to him.
    A、A. knew, would
    B、B. had known, would have sent
    C、C. know, would send
    D、D. knew, would have sent

2、2. If they ____ earlier than expected, they ____ here now.
    A、A. had started, would be
    B、B. started, might be
    C、C. had started, would have been
    D、D. will start, might have been

3、3. I didn't know his telephone number. ____ it, I ____ then.
    A、A. Had I known, would ring him up
    B、B. Should I know, would have rung him up
    C、C. If I knew; would ring him up
    D、D. Had I known; would have rung him up

4、4. Mary is ill today. If she _____, she ____ absent from school.
    A、A. were not ill, wouldn't be
    B、B. had been ill, wouldn't have been
    C、C. had been ill, should have been
    D、D. hadn't been ill, could be

5、5. Were I to do it, I ________ it some other way.
    A、A. will do
    B、B. would do
    C、C. would have done
    D、D. were to do

6、6. I ________ him the answer ________ possible, but I was so busy then.
    A、A. could tell, if it had been
    B、B. must have told, were it
    C、C. should have told, had it been
    D、D. should have told, should it be

7、7. Without your help, we________ so much.
    A、A. won't achieve
    B、B. didn't achieve
    C、C. don't achieve
    D、D. wouldn't have achieved

8、8. You didn't take his advice. ________ his advice, you ________ such a mistake.
    A、A. Had you taken, wouldn't have made
    B、B. If you had taken, would make
    C、C. Were you lo take, shouldn't have made
    D、D. Have you taken, won't have made

Unit 13 The Power of Beliefs For this unit, we shall talk about personal beliefs, preditions and superstitions; and argue for or against the value of personal beliefs and superstitions in everyday life, which will be taught in the following two lectures: 1. Lead in; 2: Text Structure.

Multiple-choice Items

1、How is it _____ your roomate's request and yours are identical.

2、Their marriage is a _____ balance between traditional and contemporary values.

3、When I asked him if he had even cheated in exams he said he wouldn't _____ himself like that.

4、We have been hearing ____accounts of your work.

5、During the summer holiday season there are no ____ rooms in this seaside hotel.

6、Drive straight ahead, and then you will see a ____ to the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway

7、The tenant left nothing behind except some ____ of paper, cloth, etc.

8、It will take us twenty minutes to get to the railway station, ____ traffic delays.
    C、allowing for
    D、accounting for

9、He will have to ____ his indecent behavior one day.
    A、answer to
    B、answer for
    C、answer back
    D、answer about

10、With ____ exceptions, the former president does not appear in public now.


1、What're the differences of beliefs between Chinese and Western Cultures?

Unit 14 Package Desgin For this unit, we shall focus on the function of package in selling prodcuts, and some factors influencing package design. It will be illustrated by three lectures: Different meanings of colors in Chinese and western culture, expressions of size and text analysis.

True or False Questions

1、In western culture, red usually has positive meanings.

2、In Chinese culture, people often use black color to represent some good qualities such as “integrity, selflessness and determination.”

3、In modern society, white color can mean purity and innocence in both Chinese and western culture.

4、In English, green hands refer to experienced workers.

5、In English, yellow dog stands for mean people.

6、Ma Yun is a business titan means Ma Yun is a very noble person in business field.

7、If we say the woman is plump, it means the woman is fat and strong.

8、If we say someone is lean, it means he is thin, but strong and healthy.

9、“The man is a midget” means the man is of normal height.

10、This baby has a lovely chubby face. This diction of this sentence is appropriate.

11、Pop art is a modern art movement that appeared in most parts of Europe in the late 1950s.

12、The phrase “rub it in” emphasizes or repeats an embarrassing fact or situation.

13、The arguments over tube babies are not so much a moral issue and a legal one. This sentence means the arguments over tube babies are equally regarded as a moral issue and a legal one.

14、The new-styled school-bag can double as a stool. This means the new-styled school-bag can also be used as stool. Double here means playing a new role in its function.

15、The text “ Package Design” is a narrative article.

Unit 15 Hong Kong For this unit, we shall concentrate on the features of cities. Hence we'll describe views of metropolis, landscape and architectural features in modern cities like Hong Kong, London, and Shanghai.

Multiple choice questions

1、—— Hongkong, is often regarded as ____ international Centre for business, finance and tourism.
    A、/; an
    B、An; /
    C、The; /
    D、/; the

2、Hongkong is one of the ____ and it is ____ expensive city.
    A、liveliest city; very an
    B、lively cities, a quite
    C、liveliest cities, quite an
    D、lively city, a very

3、Such a growing demand can only result_____ increased price.

4、We are not in a position to supply you, as the goods are _______.
    A、without stock
    B、outside in stock
    C、out of stock
    D、no stock

5、This is the maximum ____ we can afford.

6、The goods seems to be in good order with the ____ of Case No.5

7、At your request, we make an offer _____ follows.

8、As we know, you are one of the ______ manufacturers in this area.

9、It is necessary for you to _____ our shipment instructions.
    A、persist in
    B、insist on
    C、consist of
    D、comply with

10、Can you offer us machine tools with the following _____?


1、What's the common picture of Hongkong in your mind?


1、Which of the following four scenic spots does NOT belong to the natural landscape?
    A、Niagara Falls
    B、Loch Ness monster
    C、Sahara Desert
    D、Canaima National Park

2、The Milky Way was originally about the jealous love between ______.
    A、Zeus and Demeter
    B、Zeus and Hera
    C、Zeus and Alcmene
    D、Zeus and Theia

3、National Trust is a ______ organization in charge of the special places for ever and for everyone in the UK.

4、In a British pub, which of the following things is NOT allowed?
    A、People in all walks of life can go to pubs for fun and communication.
    B、One can have a quiet talk with his friends when he has a bad time with his wife.
    C、One can celebrate his promotion in pubs or take his girl friend to meet his friends for the first time.
    D、One can take his young boys to a pub and watch foot matches all day long.

5、Dorothy’s Grasmere Journal Entry is not about ______.
    A、the natural sceneries of Grasmere
    B、People around her
    C、William Wordsworth’s life there
    D、the National Trust

6、What is Mr. Boggis’ secret?
    A、He met with an old lady in the country, who happened to have the armchairs he wanted.
    B、He invented a clever way of searching for supply for his antique furniture business.
    C、He bought the armchairs at a lower price.
    D、He always drove to the country on Sundays.

7、They bargained for half an hour, and of course in the end Mr. Boggis got the chairs and agreed to pay her something ______ a twentieth of their value.
    A、more than
    C、less than
    D、at least

8、Why did Mr. Boggis comb the countryside on Sundays?
    A、Because in that way, it wouldn’t interfere with his work at all.
    B、Because he and his wife has something else to do at weekdays.
    C、Because he was busy with church affairs at weekdays.
    D、Because he was busy with Victoria and Albert Museum at week days.

9、The idea ______ Mr. Boggis’s little secret was a simple one and it had come to him as a result of something that had happened on a certain Sunday afternoon.

10、Among the following books, which one is NOT written by Iris Chang?
    A、Thread of the Silkworm
    B、The Chinese in America
    C、The Rape of Nanking
    D、The Good Man of Nanking

11、The Rape of Nanking was about the atrocities and massacre committed by ______.
    A、Japanese invaders
    B、Americans in World War II
    D、Chinese Americans

12、According to the text, China’s Schindler refers to ______.
    A、Ursula Reinhardt
    B、John Rabe
    C、Iris Chang

13、______ founded the Safety Zone in Nanking during the Second World War.
    A、Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party
    B、John Rabe, the local leader of Nazi party
    C、Chinese government
    D、Japanese invaders

14、What is the common meaning of white color in both Chinese and western culture in modern society?
    A、purity and innocence

15、The hard and pointed mouth of most birds is called ______.

16、Cats use ______ to help them navigate in a dark environment.

17、Fish extracts oxygen from water using ______.

18、I don’t like going to the opera. It just isn’t my ______.
    A、cup of tea
    B、piece of cake
    C、gravy train
    D、hot potatoes

19、Putting all your ______ in one basket can be risky, you know?

20、We have arranged special insurance to cover medical ______ in the event of an accident.

21、The ______ were told to fasten their seat belts as the plane began its descent.

22、Mike is treated as the odd man out, the misfit, the black ______.

23、I’m sure he is fit for the work. He’s as strong as a ______.

24、The ______ preys farthest from his hole.

25、Don’t be afraid of him. He’s nothing but a paper ______.

26、There was nothing to ______ him with the burglary until the police found a gold ring in his car.

27、She had asked the government for ______ to move the books to a safe place, but they refused.

28、If you want to have a pet you must be ready to look ______ it for several years.

29、It’s hard to believe how ______ people are until you see the helplessness of a newborn baby.

30、In English, “green hands” refer to ______.
    A、people with green hands
    B、inexperienced workers
    C、young people
    D、jealous persons

31、“The man is a midget” means the man is ______.
    B、very tall
    C、very short

32、Ma Yun is a business titan means Ma Yun is ______ in business field.
    A、a very noble person
    C、successful and influential

33、As you have seen, the values of a nation’s currency is a ______ of its economy.

34、He mumbled something and blushed as though a secret had been ______.

35、It’s time to ______ our differences and work together for a common purpose.
    A、set forth
    B、set aside
    C、set upon
    D、set up

36、Thousands of people were seriously ______ in health by radioactive contamination.

37、If I ______ where he lived, I ______ a note to him.
    A、knew; would
    B、had known; would have sent
    C、know; would send
    D、knew; would have sent

38、Without your help, we ______ so much.
    A、won’t achieve
    B、didn’t achieve
    C、don’t achieve
    D、wouldn’t have achieved

39、She wishes she ______ to the theatre last night.
    B、would go
    C、had gone
    D、were going

40、It is high time that we ______ strive to improve technology and strengthen our economy in the face of trade war between China and the USA.
    D、have to

41、Though ______ of the danger, he still went skating on the thin ice.
    B、to warn

42、______ from this point of view, the question will be of great importance.
    C、Being considered

43、______ and ______, they ran out of the room.
    A、Being excited; happily
    B、Exciting; happy
    C、Exciting; happily
    D、Excited; happy

44、Bill Is a man ______ is interesting to talk with, but ______ stories about himself are so incredible that not many people believe them.
    A、which / that
    B、who / whose
    C、that / what
    D、whom / when

45、______ how hard she tries, Andy Capp’s wife cannot convince him to look for a job.
    A、In case
    D、No matter

46、The people for ______ I work have gone on holiday, so the office has been quite relaxed this week.

47、You haven’t read the new book that has been so highly acclaimed yet, ______?
    A、haven’t you
    B、has it
    C、hasn’t it
    D、have you

48、The president cannot decide how to deal with the crisis, and______ his advisors.
    A、so do
    B、nor are
    C、neither can
    D、as can

49、Both of the job offers are interesting, but the position in Izmir seems to be ______ suitable for me.

50、How ______ you manage to get here so quickly?