01导论 (Introduction)

导论 单元测验

1、人文地理学属于 Human Geography belongs to
    A、人文社会科学 Humanities and Social Sciences
    B、自然科学 Sciences
    C、人文科学与工科的交叉学科 Cross-discipline of Humanities and Engineering
    D、人文社会科学和自然科学的交叉学科 Cross-discipline of Humanities and Science

2、野外工作获得的信息一定是 The information obtained from fieldwork must
    A、支持教科书的观点 support the view in textbooks
    B、与研究的假设一致 be consistent with the research hypothesis
    C、展示世界的多样性 show the diversity of the world
    D、与以前的调查一致 be consistent with previous investigation

3、与课堂教学相比,野外实习主要的特点是 Compared with classroom teaching, the main characteristic of fieldwork is
    A、学生是主体 students play the main role
    B、无须做笔记 no need to take notes
    C、指导教师多 having many instructors
    D、动手环节多 practice in the field

4、1950年代地理野外实习最基本的专业装备是 The most basic professional equipment for geographic fieldwork in the 1950s was
    A、水壶 kettle
    B、地形图 topographic map
    C、笔记本 notebook
    D、风速仪 anemometer

5、属于野外调查方法是 The field survey method is
    A、问卷、访谈 questionnaire, interview
    B、录音、素描 recording, sketch
    C、全站仪、眼动仪 total station, eye tracker
    D、照相机、录像机 camera, video recorder

6、属于野外信息记录的方法是 The method of field information recording is
    A、照片法、访谈 photo survey, interview
    B、笔记、素描 note, sketch
    C、参与式观察 participatory observation
    D、景观观察法 landscape observation

7、本课程要达到的目的是替代 The purpose of this course is to replace
    A、人文地理课程 Human Geography Course
    B、实地野外实习 fieldwork
    C、实体教室学习 learning in classroom
    D、教师学生互动 teacher-student interaction

8、元阳哈尼梯田体现了当地人 Yuanyang Hani Terraces shows that the locals
    A、巧妙利用地形山泉修建梯田 perfectly use of terrain and mountain springs to build terraces
    B、不太关注人与人的和谐关系 do not pay much attention to the harmonious relationship between people
    C、更为关注气候降水的问题 are more concerned about the problem of climate and precipitation
    D、只爱种植水稻才修建了梯田 only loved planting rice and then built the terraces

9、判断农田形式是否合理的依据是 The basis for judging the reasonable form of farmland is
    A、与列为世界遗产的农田形式一致 consistent with the farmland form listed as a World Heritage
    B、与当地的等高线平行 parallels to the local contour lines
    C、利于大型机械耕作 good for large-scale mechanical farming
    D、利于当地人地和谐 conducive to local harmony

10、录像中提到的地理学奠基人是 The founder of geography mentioned in the video is
    A、亚历山大·洪堡 Alexander Humboldt
    B、卡尔·李特尔 Carl Rittle
    C、竺可桢 Zhu Kezhen
    D、亚里士多德 Aristotle

02野外信息获取方法 (Methods for Field Information Obtaining)

野外信息获取方法 单元测验

1、野外调查线路设计不需要考虑的人文限制因素是 Which is NOT the human constraints that need to be considered in the route planning of the fieldwork?
    A、时间 Time
    B、经费 Cost
    C、人力 Manpower
    D、政策 Policy

2、相比之下,线路设计最不需要考虑的是 By comparing, the least need to be considered in route planning is
    A、不走重复路线 not following the repeated route
    B、是否分组调查 whether to investigate in groups
    C、分组线路衔接 the connection of routes
    D、分组线路衔接 the connection of routes

3、本案例中为何要实地调查河流的流向: ①地势起伏很小 ② 河流密集 ③ 湖泊众多 ④ 地下管线多 ⑤ 河流季节流向变化 ⑥ 辫状水系 Why is it necessary to investigate the flow direction of the river in this case? ①small terrain undulations ② many rivers ③many lakes ④many underground pipelines ⑤seasonal change of the flow direction ⑥braided rivers

4、线路设计的步骤先后顺序是 The sequence of the steps in route design is
    A、实地调查-修改方案-实地调查 field investigation-revision plan-field investigation
    B、室内设计-访谈修正-实地调查 predesign-interview correction-field investigation
    C、访谈设计-实地调查-修正方案 interview design-field investigation-revision plan
    D、电脑设计-实地调查-资料整理 computer design-field investigation-data collation

5、不属于野外线路设计原则的是 What does NOT belong to the principles of field route planning?
    A、典型性 typicality
    B、完整性 integrity
    C、便利性 convenience
    D、节奏性 rhythmicity

6、开展问卷调查的第一步骤是 The first step in conducting a questionnaire survey is
    A、收集资料 data collection
    B、确定研究问题 to determine a research topic
    C、确定抽样方案 to determine the type of sampling
    D、制定调查方案 to make an investigation plan

7、本案例中,问卷体现空间属性的调查项是 In this case, the survey item that reflects the spatial attributes of a participant is
    A、居住地 where s/he lives
    B、职业 occupation
    C、对自己的收入是否满意 satisfaction with income
    D、每天工作时间 working hours per day

8、封闭式问题是指 Closed question means
    A、必须要回答的问题 questions that must be answered
    B、没有选择的问题 no options for choosing
    C、保密的问题 the issue of confidentiality
    D、有固定的选择答案的问题 with some fixed answers

9、以下哪一项不是问卷设计的原则 Which of the following is NOT a principle of questionnaire design
    A、系统性 systematicness
    B、目的性 purpose
    C、反向性 reversal
    D、实用性 practicality

10、关于开放式问题说法正确的是 The correct statement about open-ended questions is that
    A、用于设置事先不知道答案的问题 they are used to set up questions that do not know the answer in advance
    B、开放式问题可将不相干的回答减少到最低程度 open-ended questions can minimize irrelevant answers
    C、容易回答,文化程度较低者也能完成 they are easy to answer, even those with lower education level can complete
    D、开放式问题便于统计分析处理 open-ended questions facilitate statistical analysis and processing

11、关于访谈法使用的说法,不正确的是 Which one is NOT correct about interview?
    A、可以获得丰富的信息 can obtain rich information
    B、可以获得富有变化的数据 can obtain various data
    C、适合封闭式问题 is suitable for asking closed questions
    D、适合有关个人感觉或观点的问题 is suitable for asking the questions about personal feelings or opinions

12、本案例采用接近受访对象的技巧是 The skill used in this case to approach the interviewees is
    A、自然接近 natural approach
    B、求同接近 seeking common ground
    C、正面接近 straightforward approach
    D、友好接近 friendly approach

13、本案例中没有访谈到的对象是 Which group of the interviewees that was NOT interviewed in this case
    A、本地经营者 local entrepreneurs
    B、外地投资者 outer investors
    C、外地游客 tourists
    D、无经营性的普通村民 ordinary villagers without business

14、有关现场访谈技巧,不正确的是 Which one is NOT correct concerning on-site interview skills?
    A、问题要清楚 asking clear questions
    B、问题以短为宜 asking short questions
    C、避免倾向性 avoiding biased or induced questions
    D、不去追问 no more questioning

15、影响青蛙小镇“复制”的地理因素不包括 Which one is NOT mentioned concerning geographical factors that affect the reproduction of the creative village?
    A、生态环境 ecological environment
    B、地理位置 geographical location
    C、地方治理 local governance
    D、时尚风情 fashion style

16、当研究者实施参与式观察法的时候,研究者需要融入到研究对象的哪些领域之中? ① 生活行为 ② 社会关系 ③ 风俗文化 ④ 居住环境 1.?When the participant observation is carried out, what aspects of the researched person does the researcher need to integrate into ? ① life actions ② social relationships ③ custom and culture ④ environment of accommodation
    A、只有① only①
    B、只有①② ①and②
    C、包括①②③ including ①②③
    D、包括全部四点 including all the points

17、参与式观察法的优点是? What is the merit of participant observation?
    A、能够获得统计上的最大样本量 It’s able to acquire the largest samples of statistics
    B、它所获取的资料最容易量化 It’s easy to make a quantification
    C、它能最大程度地获得社会现实的真实图像 It’s able to acquire the real images of social realities
    D、它的观察过程最具系统操作性 The process of observation demonstrates a highly operable feature

18、进行参与式观察时,研究者良好的心理素质主要体现在? Which stage of participant observation needs high mental quality of researchers?
    A、第一阶段 the first stage
    B、第二阶段 the second stage
    C、第三阶段 the third stage
    D、以上都不是 none of the above

19、进行参与式观察时,哪个阶段最能观察到研究对象真实的生活状态? Which stage of participant observation can acquire the most real images of objects’ daily lives?
    A、第一阶段 the first stage
    B、第二阶段 the second stage
    C、第三阶段 the third stage
    D、以上都不是 none of the above

20、研究者在进行参与式观察的过程中需要做的事情包括? ① 带着前设甚至偏见进入研究对象的领域中 ② 勤写田野日记 ③ 移情 ④ 仅仅做一名客观中立的旁观者 What should researchers do during the process of participant observation? ① participating into the lifeworld of the objects with presuppositions even prejudice ② writing filed dairy diligently ③ empathizing ④ to be an objective bystander

21、在本案例中,下列属于码头地区原初核心的功能是 In this case, the following core functions that belong to the original core of the wharf area is
    A、交通运输 transportation
    B、商品批发 wholesale of goods
    C、船只停靠 ship docking
    D、船只维修 ship maintenance

22、体现码头与城市之间功能关系的景观属性有 The landscape attribute that reflect the functional relationship between the wharf and the city is
    A、道路方向 road direction
    B、码头形态 wharf shape
    C、土地利用 land use
    D、建筑密度 building density

23、码头通勤功能退化的直接原因是 The direct cause of the wharf commuting function shrinking is
    A、城市空间扩展 urban space expansion
    B、生活方式的改变 lifestyle changes
    C、土地利用的变化 land use change
    D、道路桥梁的建设 construction of new roads and bridges in the city

24、码头空间休闲化的根本原因是 The fundamental reason for the wharf area changing into leisure space is
    A、洪水期与枯水期的交替 alternation between flood and dry seasons
    B、码头景观变迁 changes in constructions
    C、码头通勤功能的退化 degradation of the commuter function of the wharf
    D、城市更新 urban renewal

25、在以下区域中,从哪个尺度了解这个码头功能变化最好 In the following areas, which one is best scale to understand the change of Zheng Wharf function?
    A、码头 the wharf itself
    B、码头周边 wharf and its surrounding area
    C、码头所在城区 city district where the wharf is located
    D、码头所在城市 city where the wharf is located

26、东北地区汉族传统住房的屋顶样式一般选择 The general choice of roof styles for traditional Han houses in Northeast China
    A、悬山顶 overhanging gable roof
    B、庑殿顶 hip roof
    C、歇山顶 gable and hip roof
    D、灰背顶 grey gable roof

27、2. 东北地区朝鲜族传统住房的屋顶样式一般选择 The traditional roof style of Korean Chinese in Northeast China is generally chosen
    A、悬山顶 overhanging gable roof
    B、歇山顶 gable and hip roof
    C、灰背顶 grey gable roof
    D、硬山顶 flush gable roof

28、在本案例中,选择使用开放式厨房的住房的民族是 In this case, which ethnic group has open kitchen in their houses?
    A、朝鲜族 Korean Chinese
    B、汉族 Han people
    C、满族 Manchu people
    D、其他民族 Other ethnic groups

29、人文地理学研究的四个圈层中,民居属于 Among the four layers of human geography, dwelling belongs to
    A、自然层 natural layer
    B、社会层 social or institutional layer
    C、意识形态层 ideological layer
    D、生计层 livelihood layer

30、朝鲜族民居最大的特征之一是存在外廊,这种廊在不同地方面积不同,即越往朝鲜半岛北部面积 One of the major features of Korean Chinese dwellings is the front porch, which has different size in different places. What is the trend of the porch toward the north of the Korean Peninsula?
    A、变大 getting larger
    B、变小 getting smaller
    C、没变化 no changes
    D、不知道 no clear answer

31、下边选项中体现朝鲜族民居特征的是 ① 外墙颜色多为白色 ② 外墙颜色多为自然色 ③ 围栏高度高 ④ 围栏高度矮 ⑤ 火炕高度高 ⑥ 火炕高度矮 Among the options below, the dwelling characteristics of Korean Chinese are ① outer wall is mostly white ② outer wall is mostly natural color ③ height of the fence is higher ④ height of the fence is lower ⑤ the height of the heatable brick bed is high ⑥ the height of the heatable brick bed is low
    A、① ③ ⑤
    B、② ③ ⑤
    C、① ④ ⑤
    D、① ④ ⑥

32、在本案例中,照片调查法的前期步骤包括 In this case, the preliminary steps of the photo survey method include
    A、选取照片 selecting photos
    B、设计调查问卷 questionnaire design
    C、确定先验命题 having hypothesis
    D、以上三个 above three

33、实地使用照片法的步骤包括 The steps of using photo survey in the field include
    A、简介调查目的 a brief introduction to the survey
    B、出示照片 showing photos to interviewees
    C、询问被试并记录 asking the interviewees questions and recording their answers
    D、以上三个 above three

34、本案例照片法调查区域意风区被规划为 The Italian Style Area in this case is planned as a
    A、传统文化商贸区 traditional cultural business district
    B、都市消费娱乐区 commercial and entertainment zone
    C、中央金融商贸区 central business district
    D、智慧城 smart city

35、本案例采用的使用照片法步骤顺序是: ① 用照片询问被调查者对欧洲建筑的了解情况 ② 在实地建筑前询问被调查者哪些是欧洲建筑的元素 ③ 访谈不同人群从哪个空间尺度了解建筑的风格 The sequence of steps for using the photo method in this case was: ① asking the interviewees’ understanding of European architecture with photos ② asking the interviewees in front of the construction which are with the elements of European architecture ③ interviewing different group of interviewees from which spatial scale they get the sense of building style

36、在本案例中,被调查的对象的空间尺度是什么? In this case, what is the spatial scale of the investigated objects?
    A、建筑物部件 building components
    B、建筑物 building
    C、建筑群 building complex
    D、以上三者 above three

03野外信息记录方法 (Methods for Field Information Recording)

野外信息记录方法 单元测验

1、笔记中能体现位置的信息类型有 ①经纬度②距离③形状④建筑名称⑤地址⑥面积 What types of information can reflect location in the notes? ①longitude and latitude ②distance ③shape ④name of a building ⑤address ⑥area

2、本案例中体现人地关系的信息类型是 In this case, the type of information that reflects the man-land relationship is
    A、人文景观 human landscape
    B、天然湖泊 natural lake
    C、天然植被 natural vegetation
    D、地形条件 terrain conditions

3、本案例采用的笔记形式为 The form of notes used in this case is
    A、摘要 abstract
    B、直接观察记录 investigator's directly records
    C、调查者推论 Investigator’s view
    D、分析笔记 Analysis notes

4、本案例中调查者学习了四个笔记要点,在第几个要点要求附上一个位置图? In this case, the students were asked to study four key points for taking notes. Which key point required to attach a map with the location where the notes was taken?
    A、第一个 the first key point
    B、第二个 the second key point
    C、第三个 the third key point
    D、第四个 the fourth key point

5、在下面四种对什刹海的感知中,哪个层次最高? Which of the following four levels of perceptions of Shichahai Area is the highest?
    A、知道什刹海地名 knowing the name of Shichahai
    B、知道这里的历史 knowing the history of Shichahai
    C、在这里生活多年 living in Shichahai Area for the years
    D、在这里快乐生活 living in Shichahai Area happily

6、与其他记录手段相比,不属于野外录音的特点的是 Compared with other recording methods, which one of the below characteristics that do NOT belong to the field recording is
    A、采集信息操作方便 convenient operation for collecting information
    B、信息记录即时完整 information record is complete immediately
    C、具有真实可验性 more verifiable
    D、无伦理道德问题 no ethical issues

7、什刹海的湖泊属于声景构成要素中的 What element of soundscape does the lake in Shichahai Area belong to?
    A、声音 sound
    B、场所环境 environment
    C、听者 audience
    D、都不是 none of the elements

8、属于主体声景感知途径之外的是 Which one is beyond the subject ’s perception ways of soundscape
    A、五官感受 perceiving by five senses organs
    B、生活经历 by life experience
    C、亲朋推介 by friend recommendation
    D、机构教育 by institutional education

9、野外录音容易出现的错误是 The mistake that is easy to make in the field recording is
    A、选用录音设备 selecting recording equipment
    B、设计录音方案 designing recording plan
    C、区分录声音与录数据方式 distinguishing recording sound from recording data
    D、不征得被录音对象的同意 recording without the consent of the person being recorded

10、整理野外录音的步骤主要包括以下6步:①音频文件编码处理 ②音频资料数据转换及处理 ③音频资料导入电脑 ④录音样本物理属性分析 ⑤录音样本文本整理及内容分析 ⑥录音样本的社会文化意义分析。正确录音步骤顺序是: The steps for organizing field recordings data mainly include six steps: ① audio file encoding ② audio data conversion and processing ③ audio data import into computer ④ analysis of the physical features of recording samples ⑤ audio sample text sorting and content analysis ⑥ analysis of social and cultural significance of recording samples. The correct sequence of recording steps is

11、野外素描可以呈现哪些传统摄影摄像无法呈现的内容 What can field sketches show whlie traditional photography and video can't?
    A、因天气影响造成的拍摄困难 what cannot be taken due to bad weather
    B、因光线问题造成的拍摄困难 what cannot be taken due to lighting problem
    C、因场景大或被遮挡无法拍摄 what cannot be taken due to too large scene or being covered by something
    D、因季节影响造成的拍摄困难 what cannot be taken due to seasonal situation

12、野外素描基本工具有哪些 What are the basic tools for field sketching
    A、纸、笔 paper, pen or pencil
    B、画板 artboard
    C、照相机 camera
    D、丈量工具 measuring tool

13、北海公园入口叠水景观模拟了自然界中哪些水的形态 What kinds of water forms in nature does the water fall at the back gate of Beihai Park simulate?
    A、河流、小溪 river and creek
    B、湖泊、泉 lake and spring
    C、溪涧、瀑布 stream and waterfall
    D、池塘、瀑布 pond and waterfall

14、在静心斋景点的野外素描解决了哪些拍摄无法实现的问题 What shortage of photo-taking had been overcome by the field sketch at Jingxinzhai? It is impossible to express the entity of landscape due to
    A、因景物遮挡无法表达景观整体 sight blocking
    B、因场景过大无法表达景观整体 size of landscape
    C、因光线原因无法记录景观整体 light problems
    D、因天气原因无法记录景观整体 weather situation

15、濠濮间入口景观设计运用的主要造园手法是什么 What is the major gardening technique used in the entrance design of Hao Pu Creek Garden?
    A、主景抬高突出主景 the main scene is raised to highlight the main scene
    B、先抑后扬的抑景手法 spatial compress first and then spatial expanding
    C、色彩对比突出主景 highlights the main scene by color contrast
    D、设置主题景石添景 highlight a theme scene by a rocky landscape

04野外调查地图和设备使用 (Usage of Field Survey Maps and Equipment)

野外调查地图和设备使用 单元测验

1、地形图上可用于确定坡度的信息有 ①调绘年代 ②等高距 ③比例尺 ④坡度尺 ⑤地物注记 What information on a topographic map that can be used to calculate the gradient? ① Survey time ② Contour interval ③ Map scale ④ Slope scale ⑤ Object Annotation

2、本案例使用了1:5万和1:1万两种地形图,其等高距分别是 Which are the contour intervals of the 1:50000 and 1:10000 topographic maps respectively used in this case?

3、山地野外调查线路设计必须考虑的约束条件有 ①调查时间 ②道路条件 ③观察内容 ④村庄规模 ⑤坡地朝向 ⑥地图年代 Which of the constraints that must be considered in designing a survey route in mountain area? ① Time ② Road conditions ③ Survey content ④ Village size ⑤ Slope direction ⑥ Map date

4、本案例设计的野外调查线路利用了当地山脊的以下特点 What are the reasons for designing an investigation route following hill ridges in this case?
    A、路程较短,植被茂密 Less distance and dense vegetation
    B、道路较宽,果园较多 Wide road and more orchards
    C、避开水流,安全性好 Away from stream and better safety
    D、坡度较缓,视野开阔 Gentle slopes and good view

5、野外调查线路设计需要将地形图与遥感影像结合使用,是因为 Why is it necessary to combine topographic map with remote sensing images when designing a survey route? It is because
    A、地形图上的信息不够详细 the information is NOT detailed enough on the topographic map
    B、遥感影像信息的现势性好 the remote sensing images provide more up-to-date information
    C、地形图的比例尺太小 the scale of topographic map is too small
    D、遥感影像分辨率更高 remote sensing images have higher resolution

6、全站仪没有的功能 What function the total station does NOT have?
    A、计算速度 speed calculation
    B、测量角度 angle observation
    C、测量长度 length measurement
    D、测量高度 height measurement

7、本案例中使用到的全站仪功能 ①水平距离 ② 角度 ③ 确定坐标 ④ 垂直距离 Total station functions used in this case are ①measuring horizontal distance ②measuring angle ③determining coordinates ④ measuring vertical distance

8、图中所标部分称为 The part marked in the figure is called
    A、粗瞄准器 sight
    B、管水准仪 tube level
    C、电池 battery
    D、目镜 eyepiece

9、架设全站仪的第一步是 The first step in setting up the total station is
    A、粗平 roughly leveling
    B、精平 exactly leveling
    C、测坐标 coordinating
    D、测气压 taking barometric pressure

10、本案例用全站仪的目的测量老主楼的 In this case, the purpose of using total station is to measure the former main building’s
    A、坐标 coordinates
    B、中心点 center point
    C、面积 area
    D、四至 four ends

11、GNSS没有的功能是 Which function GNSS does NOT have?
    A、定位 Positioning
    B、导航 Navigation
    C、航迹 Tracking
    D、气压 Air pressure

12、本案例中使用到的GNSS功能是 Which function of GNSS was used in this case
    A、定位 positioning
    B、导航 navigation
    C、航迹 track
    D、地图 map

13、本案例测量的第一步是 The first step in this case was
    A、寻找中心点 finding the center of the former building
    B、软件处理 software processing
    C、确定参照点 determining the reference point
    D、测量经纬度 measuring latitude and longitude of reference points

14、使用GNSS要注意 ①及时导出坐标数据 ②在户外开敞空间使用 ③在晴天使用 ④在陆地上使用 When using the GNSS,what should be paid attention to? ① exporting coordinate data in time ② using in outdoor open space ③ using on sunny day ④ using on the ground

15、最严重影响本案例用GNSS测点精度的是 The most serious impact on the accuracy of GNSS survey points in this case is
    A、手持GNSS质量差 poor quality of handheld GNSS
    B、参考点坐标本身不准 reference points’ coordinates are not correct
    C、原图纸不准确 the original drawing is inaccurate
    D、没有找到老主楼南部的参考点 no reference points found in the south of the former main building

16、眼动仪不包括 Eye-tracker does NOT have
    A、光学系统 an optical system
    B、瞳孔中心坐标提取系统 a pupil center coordinate extraction system
    C、瞳孔坐标的测量系统 pupil coordinate system
    D、图像与数据的记录分析系统 an image and data recording and analysis system

17、眼动仪记录眼睛的哪些运动? ①注视 ②扫视 ③亮度变化 ④ 颜色变化 ⑤追随运动 What kinds of eye movements does the eye tracker record? ① fixation ②saccades ③brightness change ④ color change ⑤ pursuit movement

18、本实验没有选择使用了眼动仪的功能是 Which function of the eye tracker in this experiment was NOT used?
    A、总注视时间 total fixation time
    B、首次进入时间 time to first entry
    C、眼动轨迹图 eye track diagram
    D、回看次数 number of views

19、本次眼动仪实验考虑的实验条件有 ①良好的照明 ②更换实验室 ③遮蔽窗帘 ④播放宁静的音乐 ⑤隔音效果良好 The experimental conditions considered in this experiment were ①good lighting ②replacing the laboratory ③curtaining windows ④playing quiet music ⑤good sound insulation

20、本次实验的结论是 The conclusion of this experiment is
    A、被试对照片色彩鲜亮区域注视时间长 the participants prefer to look at the bright areas of the photo for a long time
    B、被试对照片的观察时间与景观色彩意义无关 the participant observation time of the photos has nothing to do with the significance of the landscape colors
    C、多数被试观看的区域是一致的 most of the participants watched the same area
    D、热点图呈现多数被试观看兴趣区 the heat map shows the interest area of most participants

21、下列哪种地理环境不利于无人机的使用 Among the following geographic environments, which is NOT conducive to the use of unmanned aerial vehicle?
    A、茂密的树林 thick woods
    B、开敞空地 open space
    C、平原地区 plain area
    D、绿地公园 park with green land

22、无人机与一般相机拍照取景的最大区别是 Compared with general cameras, the biggest advantage of UAV to take photographs of the landscape is
    A、更加清晰 clearer
    B、范围更广 wider range
    C、鸟瞰视野 bird view
    D、更加快速 faster

23、游客运用无人机进行旅游景区游览最大的优势是 The biggest advantage of using UAV for tourists and sightseeing is
    A、看更多的风景 seeing more scenery
    B、花更少的时间 using less time
    C、费用低 low cost
    D、具有“私人订制”的旅游体验 having individual travel experience

24、下列说法正确的是: Which statement is correct?
    A、无人机在任何天气条件下可使用 The UAV can be used in any weather conditions
    B、无人机在任何地形条件下可使用 The UAV can be used in any terrain conditions
    C、无人机在城市任意地区可使用 The UAV can be used in any area of the city
    D、无人机使用时必须实名登记 The UAV can be used after real name registration

25、下列不属于无人机应用领域的是 Which one is NOT in the fields of UAV’s application?
    A、防洪预警 flood prevention warning
    B、国土监察 land inspection
    C、地图测绘 mapping
    D、影视航拍 aerial photography

05人文地理学野外调查案例 (Survey Cases)

人文地理学野外调查案例 单元测验

1、东山村落多分布在 ①地形平坦 ② 湖岸 ③ 海拔10米以上地区 ④ 地下水丰富 ⑤ 交通便利地方 The villages in Dongshan are mostly located at ① fat terrain ② lake shore ③ areas above 10 meters ④ areas with rich groundwater ⑤ areas with convenient transportation

2、本案例使用全站仪测量了 The total station was used in this case. What did it measure?
    A、村落海拔高度 village altitude
    B、道路两端的高度差 the height difference between the two ends of the road
    C、村落之间的距离 the distance between villages
    D、村落与道路间距离 the distance between village and road

3、本案例使用GNSS测量了 The GNSS was used in this case to measure
    A、农户的经纬度 the longitude and latitude of farmer’s house
    B、村落的经纬度 the longitude and latitude of the village
    C、水井的海拔 the altitude of the wells
    D、水井的经纬度 the longitude and latitude of the well

4、本次调查中主要访谈的对象是 The main interviewees in this survey were
    A、中年男人 middle-aged man
    B、青年人 young people
    C、镇领导 town leaders
    D、行人 pedestrians

5、赶在下雨前做完调查的原因是 The reason for completing the investigation before the rain was we
    A、担心调查人员感冒 worried about investigators catching a cold
    B、担心交通安全 worried about traffic safety
    C、担心地下水位会升高 worried that the groundwater level will rise
    D、担心视线变差 worried about poor eyesight

6、太湖地区一月等温线的分布走向是: The January isotherm line in the Taihu Lake Area is along
    A、沿湖岸分布 the shore of the lake
    B、沿纬线分布 the latitude
    C、沿地形分布 the terrain
    D、沿等降水线分布 iso-precipitation line

7、东山能种植若干同纬度地区无法生长的亚热带果树的原因: The reason why Dongshan people can plant some subtropical fruit trees that cannot grow in the same latitude is
    A、东山的一月最低温明显高于同纬度其他边地区 The lowest temperature in January in Dongshan is obviously higher than that in other areas at the same latitude
    B、东山位于太湖边,三面环湖、水资源丰富 Dongshan is located beside Taihu Lake, the peninsula is surrounded by the lake
    C、东山多山,适合多种果树生长 Dongshan has mountainous area which is suitable for the growth of various fruit trees
    D、东山距离上海等大城市近,市场需求大 Dongshan is close to Shanghai and some big cities. So that it closes to big market

8、影响东山果树垂直分布的关键生境条件是 The key habitat condition that affects the vertical distribution of the fruit trees in Dongshan is
    A、温度条件 temperature
    B、地形因素 landform
    C、水分条件 precipitation
    D、土壤条件 soil

9、影响东山果树垂直分布的关键经济因素是: The key economic factor that affects the vertical distribution of the fruit trees in Dongshan is
    A、土地净收益 net income of land
    B、耕作成本 farming cost
    C、市场价格 market price
    D、运输成本 transportation cost

10、东山果树垂直分布与当前土地净收益不符的原因是: The reason why the vertical distribution of the fruit trees in Dongshan is inconsistent with the current net land income is
    A、果树更换成本 fruit tree replacement cost
    B、市场价格波动 market price fluctuations
    C、种植技术 planting technology
    D、种植习惯 planting habits

11、影响小城镇用地形态变化的因素之一是 One of the factors that affect the change of land use pattern in this small town is
    A、互联网的使用量 internet usage
    B、居民生活水平提高 improvement of residents' living standards
    C、农业生产结构的调整 adjustment of agricultural production structure
    D、中心城市对其的吸引力 the attractiveness of central cities

12、验证小城镇聚落扩张是否受到交通线路影响的理想方案是 ①测车流 ②测人流 ③单向流 ④双向流 ⑤在交叉口 ⑥在路边 The ideal solution to verify whether settlement expansion in small towns is affected by traffic lines are by measuring ①traffic flow ②people flow ③one-way flow ④two-way flow ⑤at the intersection ⑥at the roadside

13、在本案例中,体现小城镇聚落用地扩张的现象是 In this case, the phenomenon shows the expansion of the settlement is
    A、居民门牌号的变化 changing of house number
    B、建筑物的新旧 ew buildings
    C、商业设施 commercial facilities
    D、家庭结构 family structure

14、反映小城镇土地利用强度的指标是 The index reflecting the land use intensity of small towns is
    A、基础设施的种类 types of infrastructure
    B、基础密度 building density
    C、道路状况 road conditions
    D、就业结构 employment structure

15、可作为区别城镇聚落和乡村聚落的指标是 The indicator that can be used to distinguish between urban settlements and rural settlements is
    A、非农用地所占用地比重 proportion of land occupied by non-agricultural land
    B、居住用地的比例 proportion of residential land
    C、水域面积比例 proportion of water area
    D、绿化率 green land rate

16、根据实际情况,本调查最终选定测量店面规模的指标是 According to the actual situation, the index finally selected by this survey to measure the size of the store is
    A、店面宽度 store width
    B、店面纵深 store depth
    C、店面高度 store height
    D、以上三种 the above three

17、本案例确定商业核心区的主要指标是 ①店面规模 ②店面新旧程度 ③商业服务类型 ④商业服务等级 In this case, the main indicators of the CCQ are ①store size ②newness of the store ③type of commercial service ④class of commerce and service

18、在影响东山镇驻地商业核心区转移的因素中,不包括 Which one is NOT the factor influencing the CCQ to transfer?
    A、镇驻地空间规划 spatial planning of the CORE DISTRICT
    B、人口分布重心变化 changes in the gravity center of local population distribution
    C、交通条件变化 changes in the traffic conditions
    D、老商业街区改造 old CCQ renovation

19、除了应用访谈法之外,本案例还使用了 ①景观观察 ②GNSS测量法 ③遥感影像判读 ④文献分析 In addition to applying interview, this case study also used ①landscape observation ②measurement by GNSS ③remote sensing image interpretation ④ text analysis

20、有关东山镇商业中心空间演变的不正确说法是 Which one is INCORRECT about the evolution of the CCQ in Dongshan?
    A、商业中心规模扩大 The business scale of the CCQ expands
    B、老商业中心设施落后影响购物出行也是导致其衰落的一个原因 The backward facilities of the old CCQ affect the shopping and cause its decline
    C、对外交通条件改善,使商业中心的等级降低 The improvement of external traffic conditions has reduced the class of the CCQ
    D、商业中心从西北向东南转移 The CCQ has shifted from northwest to southeast

21、与庐山不在相近纬度的中国名山是 Which famous mount does NOT at a similar latitude as Mount Lu?
    A、黄山 Mount Huang
    B、衡山 Mount Heng
    C、华山 Mount Hua
    D、天目山 Mount Tianmu

22、李德立选择在庐山东谷区建造别墅的主要原因是 What is the main reason that Rev. Edward Little chose to build the East Valley Villa in Mount Lu?
    A、消夏避暑 avoiding heat in summer
    B、便于传教 easy to do missionary work
    C、躲避战火 avoid the war at that time
    D、成本较低 lower cost of construction

23、本案例中,别墅选址时没有考虑的地理条件是 In this case, the geographical conditions that was NOT considered when selecting the location of the villa is
    A、气象气候 meteorology and climate
    B、地形地貌 topography
    C、土壤 soil
    D、水文要素 hydrology

24、庐山东谷别墅区选址,主要体现出的人地关系观念是 What is the main viewpoint of man-land relationship which is reflected in the location selection of the East Valley Villa in Mount Lu?
    A、人定胜天观 man can dominate nature
    B、人定协调观 harmony between man and nature
    C、环境决定观 environmental determinism
    D、随遇而安观 accept nature without effort

25、本案例调查别墅区选址的准备工作有 ①查阅别墅区分布与地形图 ②准备相机拍摄别墅立面 ③制作别墅区选址调查表 ④查阅庐山气候资料 ⑤准备地质锤 In this case, what were the preparations for the investigation of the villa site decision? ①checking the distribution and topographic maps of the villa area ②preparing a camera to photograph the facade of the villa ③ making a survey table for the investigation ④checking the climate data of Mount Lu ⑤preparing the geological hammer

26、本案例采用的调查方法是 The investigation method used in this case was
    A、实地调查,对别墅编号,补充在原来地图中 investigation the villas in field, coding them and adding in the original map
    B、仅调查沿路边出现的、特色明显的别墅 only investigated the villas that appear along the road and have distinctive characteristics
    C、仅关注了自然地理因素对别墅区选址的影响 only concerned about the impact of physical geographical factors on the villa location
    D、仅关注了人文地理因素对别墅区选址的影响 only concerned about the impact of human geographical factors on the villa location

27、在本案例中,学生用罗盘测量了 In this case, what did the students measure with the compass?
    A、街道坡度 street slope
    B、街道走向 street direction
    C、地理纬度 geographical latitude
    D、黄赤交角 the intersection of the ecliptic and the equator

28、庐山东谷区别墅数量呈现出:距河流越远,数量减少的特点,其主要原因是 ① 水源 ② 地表坡度 ③气温 ④ 降水 ⑤土壤 The number of villas in the East Valley presents that the farther away from the river, the lower the number is. The main reason is that ① water source ② land slope ③ temperature ④ precipitation ⑤ soil

29、庐山东谷区居民用水的主要源头是 The main source of water used by the residents in the East Valley is
    A、各家门前自己挖的井水 well water dug in front of each house
    B、水库和地下蓄集的降水 rain water stored by reservoirs and underground aquifers
    C、山下自来水公司的供水 water suppled from the water company at mountain foot
    D、从小溪和河流引来的水 water drawn from streams and rivers by pipes or ditches

30、案例中介绍的东谷别墅、东林寺和白鹿洞书院选址的共性特点是 The common feature of the site selection of the East Valley Villa, Donglin Temple and White Deer Cavern Academy introduced in this case is
    A、相同的海拔高度 the same altitude
    B、相同的温度条件 the same temperature conditions
    C、地形均相对平缓 the same terrain feature of relatively flat
    D、地质条件很相似 the similar geological condition

31、在吐鲁番坎儿井文化景观要素中,地形位置最低的是 Among the elements of the Turpan Karez, which altitude is the lowest?
    A、明渠 above-ground ditch
    B、龙口 drainage outlet
    C、暗渠 under-ground ditch
    D、捞坝 dam/small reservoir

32、在关于吐鲁番坎儿井生计文化景观的起源的观点中,哪些是并存的? ①国外传入说②中原启迪说③地方自创说④三种并存 Which of the views on the origin of the Turpan Karez are coexisting? ①Introduction from foreign countries ②Enlightenment from Central China ③Local creation ④Three types are coexisting

33、吐鲁番坎儿井暗渠主要应对的自然挑战是当地 What is the major local natural challenge that the Turpan Karez responses to?
    A、地质地貌 geological and geomorphology features
    B、干旱少雨 low precipitation and drought
    C、蒸发量大 large evaporation
    D、无地下水 no groundwater

34、吐鲁番坎儿井水利工程影响到的生计文化 ①村落分布 ②交通方式 ③天然绿洲位置 ④作物选择 ⑤服装习惯 The livelihood culture influenced by the Turpan Karez includes ①village distribution ②transportation ③natural oasis location ④crop selection ⑤clothing habits

35、吐鲁番坎儿井生计文化景观是否会消失 Will the livelihood culture in the Turpan Karez disappear?
    A、会消失 Yes
    B、不会消失 No
    C、延续一段时间会消失 will disappear after a while
    D、说不清楚 unclear